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Everyone’s off to Netroots Nation! Except for David Waldman, Greg Dworkin, me and you. Well, maybe you are too, but that’s even more reason to listen to today’s KITM. Catch up on the latest between conferences!

Meanwhile, an alternative universe hosts white power rallies. The press reaps the deplorables, right where they sowed them. The next lunatics to bathe in the media gaze: Qanon. Get ready to hear their thoughts spoken over cups of diner coffee. No matter what, this will never be normal. Real journalism fights back in the margins.

The blue wave will be pink. A winning theme for Democrats? Kids, and health care. The Trump administration knew what they were doing to children, then decided to do more of it. A judge rules the administration must stop giving psychotropic drugs to migrant children without consent, but it will take more than that to stop them. Until then, kids will die.

Donald Trump lies a lot. Who knows why, but he does. When he says he’s tired of Bob Mueller though, he ain’t lying.

Maria Butina told an American CEO to send cash to Moscow, and for some reason, he did.

Be envious: Armando is going to Netroots Nation. On his way, he calls in to discuss Marc Short, who left the Trump administration to pick up a paid senior fellowship at the University of Virginia, although he’s not an academic, or experienced, and is a proven liar. Short’s experienced, academic ex-co-workers feel no need to represent both sides.

If you knew what Bob Mueller knows about Donald Trump, you’d know Trump is as guilty as sin.

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