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Back from the weekend, David Waldman begins the week, right after the weekend as anticipated:

9 people tested positive for coronavirus at that Georgia school with that crowded photo. More than 250 students and teachers in that school district have been quarantined. Nearly 100,000 children tested positive in the last two weeks of July. Well, all of those COVID-19 cases have certainly put an end to that debate… didn’t they? No, Donald Trump has killed thousands, so why stop now?

Trump wanted a little taste of TikTok... or let’s say maybe TikTok wouldn’t do so well. Ivanka and Jared did very well last year.

Back from about a week of tropical storm degraded internet, Greg Dworkin is here to report that Joe Biden is still doing very well in his election bid. He’s beating Hillary Clinton. Heck, he could even beat Donald Trump, if given half a chance. Biden will probably capture the Democratic nomination and might announce a vice presidential running mate even before that.

It turns out the method of infiltrating an organization and making it dysfunctional is quite similar to the method of advancing to a senior position in politics.

Do you know that it’s Donald Trump’s dream to have his face on Mount Rushmore? Team Trump hoped South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem could make Donald’s dream come true. Eager to please, Kristi delivered to Donald exactly what he deserved.

The image of Donald Trump at Bedminster, sharpieing things in front of cocktail swilling millionaires also won’t be engraved on the back of a dollar bill soon.  Most of the things he sharpied weren’t what people thought they were. They weren’t what his staff thought they were. They aren’t going to do what Trump says they’ll do. Trump in fact changed what he said moments later. He’ll change what he said he said, moments from now. Whatever it is, Larry Kudlow will double it. Chuck Schumer doubts if it’s legal, but even if so, that wasn’t Trump’s intention. Nancy Pelosi wants no part of it, and just wants to get back to work. And, back from months of self-exile, Armando explains Trump’s latest executive actions and exactly how inadequate, unworkable and unlawful they really are.

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