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Kagro in the Morning

Aug 12, 2013

Technical difficulties kept us off the live stream today, but you can't stop the podcast! Our delayed start meant we jumped right into the morning roundup with Greg Dworkin, who brought us stories about partisan divides in dating, Anthony Weiner's poll numbers bottoming out, a slight dip in alignment with the Tea Party among Republicans, and special note about the award of a Eugene C. Pulliam Fellowship for Editorial Writing to the Connecticut Post's Hugh Bailey. Other top news of the day: NYC's stop-and-frisk policies take a hit in court; Attorney General Holder's anticipated announcement of DOJ actions to rein in the impact of inflexible mandatory minimum sentencing in drug cases; the internal divide on spending cut mania among House Republicans; Harry Reid hints at another filibuster showdown, this time over judges; Cory Booker loses an interesting and, let's say, unusual advisor to his tech start-up; Forbes coverage of the closure of privacy-oriented e-mail provider (and Edward Snowden favorite) Lavabit; Jack Goldsmith predicts the expansion of NSA surveillance, but also a parallel expansion of checks and oversight. Will it matter?