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Kagro in the Morning - August 12, 2015

David Waldman, keen observer, responsible speculator, in-depth discusser:

Oregano vs. Basil: which looks better in a baggy?

Greg Dworkin brings us tales of Nefertiti.

Bernie Sanders' the winner!

Rick Perry's the loser!

Donald Trump’s the whiner!  The best troll, too!

Jeb! peddles snake oil, to revise history for his hero brother.

As predicted on Kagro in the Morning: Hillary Clinton vs. Black Lives Matter goes in a different direction.

David breaks down the divergent viewpoints of how Black Lives Matter interacts with liberal politics, and how to move forward from here.

Even with many on break in DC, Joan McCarter has much to catch up on:

Harry Reid unleashes on Mitch McConnell, and the upcoming government shutdown.

Republican’s big plan: Privatizing Medicare.

Joan makes a good argument for why Kris Kobach is America’s Worst Human.

On the positive side: Thanks Obama!

David takes a first look at the new Hillary Clinton email story.

Good guy with a gun decides to stop being a good guy, misses with last shot.

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