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David Waldman says he will be “on vacation” next week. He might be being sarcastic, but he still won’t be here. David and KITM return August 22! 

Donald Trump gaslights the mainstream media, and his surrogates, representatives, and supporters, again, with “sarcasm”. 

Greg Dworkin and the polls assure us that Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump remain several points and hundreds of miles apart. Many people are saying that Hillary will win, and Donald will lose. So, is it too soon to sample the yummy victory? Hillary Clinton offers no concessions to Republicans. Even Obamacare can’t rile some Republicans like it used to.

Donald Trump will have something to say today, and might pick up a few votes, but still more will understand where he is coming from, and what he actually sounds like. Trump’s crazy talk still matters. Donald Trump’s hidden vote looks to stay well hidden, although some surface now and then.

Wait, there’s more Trump crazy: Donald Trump says he gives his workers childcare, but he was wrong… but maybe he was just being sarcastic. Trump Tried To Get Bush’s Labor Secretary To Attend His Get-Rich-Quick Seminar. Trump staffer pulls a gun on colleagues, and ends up resigning.

Yes, the House is in play. David looks at the down ballot opportunities.

Simone Manuel’s Olympic gold is also a victory over swimming’s racist history.

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