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The wait is over! We were all on tenterhooks for a bit, with all of the intense speculation, second-guessing, rumors swirling… But, Joan McCarter did return! Turns out she was just on vacation. Whew! Joan called in to report that California Sen. Kamala Harris will be running for Vice President on the Democratic ticket, and that she is a very good, and popular choice and certain to work well for Joe Biden. Grassroot money already approves of Kamala. (Please remember to pay in Alpha Kappa Alpha denominations)

Greg Dworkin concurs with the enthusiasm, telling us that the big papers are running “the safe choice” essays, while conservative pundits are pointing out how Kamala is a Wall Street connected commie soft on crime narc, who isn’t quite black or female enough to qualify as “a woman of color”... and where’s her birth certificate? Donald Trump sums it all up as… oh wait, that’s a parody essay. What Trump really said was… uhm. Suburban housewives, who Donald pictures looking like Ivanka in gingham aprons, are now Trump’s last hope.

Ilhan Omar has won her Democratic primary election. So did Bircher Qanon supporter Marjorie Taylor Greene. And, no, that does not “balance it out”. However, now Trump can eliminate ALL of his intelligence briefings.

Joe Biden leads Trump by about 10 points, since about forever. Which, seems to be a good thing, on the face of it... But, what about those who don’t like that answer, or would really rather have Trump leading, or those who just hated being yelled at by everybody in 2016 and wanted to hedge their bet? Pretty much the same answer. Political consultants know, but aren’t in the job of telling you the answer.

David Waldman also knew Kamala Harris would be the pick, but chose not to steal anyone’s thunder by making an early announcement. Republicans know they could never compete statewide in Washington DC or Puerto Rico, but no one has the heart to make them say why that’s the case. Perhaps we can save the Post Office by not sending things. Trump sues to prevent dropboxes.

More than 200 students went into coronavirus quarantine near Muncie Indiana this week. School boards just want an agreed upon death count to establish proper education. That, and staff and cash. Without cash, pretty much everything will end soon. (The UK economy suffered its biggest slump on record between April and June.) 

Trump’s executive memos did nothing, except waste time that wasn’t available. The next step towards stimulating the economycutting off unemployment, then cutting off the food.

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