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Kagro in the Morning

Aug 13, 2013

Seems the data center that handles the live stream is being moved, so it's podcast-only once again. And too bad, too, because we got a glowing tribute from Bill in Portland Maine in his morning Cheers & Jeers post, marking the two-year anniversary of Daily Kos Radio! Without Greg on hand this morning, we read through Georgia's Abbreviated Pundit Roundup, noting today's top headlines, with particular emphasis on the NSA oversight and reform story. Next, excessive levels of Teh Crazee necessitated an extended GunFAIL roundup. Also: should we stop feeding Gop trolls on birtherism? NYT's Q&A with Snowden. Finally, an Investing Daily piece from back in June that once again raises questions about the privatization of national security, once considered a "core function" of government, which leads to a surprise (to me) conclusion about the involvement of private equity in the already too-convoluted picture.