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David Waldman and KITM are LIVE TODAY from the virtual floor of the virtual 2020 Democratic National Convention!

The Post Office is deactivating mail sorting machines ahead of the election, along with other changes expressly designed to cripple the mail. But, you mess with the Post Office and you mess with Greg Dworkin, as well as many others because much love is sent through the mail, but also so are a lot of medications. This is exactly the plight rural Americans always find themselves struggling against, as well as small businesses, and the exactly the conditions that drives them to the polls. The entire nation is already feeling the slowdown—even Taylor Swift reached Marvelette-levels of concern over the well-being of the USPS this weekend. Mitch McConnell correctly sensed it was time to duck and cover, but it might be too late as several states are considering legal action, Nancy Pelosi calls the House back for a Postal Service protection bill, and convention speeches get rewritten.

We might even get to see Louis DeJoy tazed by the Sergeant at Arms if we’re lucky. Of course, there is some procedure and protocol to go through first. As always, David counsels an orderly following of norms, but reminds us there is precedent to haul his ass in if required.

Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition, but silly as it may seem, everybody expects a tightening of polls, except Greg. Ah, but we are becoming slightly more enthusiastic!  Joe is in a historically strong position. 9 points ain’t bad! It’s not as good as, say, 10 or 12 points, but just wait until you see the convention bounce! The South Carolina Senate moves from “likely” to “lean” Republican, which is completely better than the opposite direction. The Republican’s chief problem is that they weren’t hired to govern, they were hired to stop governance. They can’t be expected to do things. Trump was accidentally elected last time, so the plan is to just repeat that.

Similarly, Trump’s plan to fight coronavirus is to stumble into a “cure”. Until then, more people will die, only a fraction will be counted, and even less will be reported. In Georgia, Brian Kemp wears his ignorance like most people should wear a mask.

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