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Another beautiful morning shines over KITM 2020 Democratic Convention World Headquarters. Plenty of calamari left to share from last night, along with David Waldman, Greg Dworkin and a brand new guest! 

Denise Oliver Velez pays close attention to a lot around here, and around the world. She would like everyone to do likewise, especially those in the mainstream media whose job it is to pay attention to the details, like Skee-Wee, and sweeping cultural and political history, such as the importance of African-American fraternities and sororities. For instance The Divine 9, amazingly enough might be confused with gang members if viewed in a misogynoir, or just plain ignorant light. If Denise’s mom were alive she would have voted for Hillary. Denise will be delighted to be voting for Kamala.

Universities worked themselves into an absolutely impossible position where all choices lead to doom, even before COVID-19. Now they will have to take the students with them. One teacher in Georgia can’t fix all that Brian Kemp has done, but she comes close.

If Donald Trump hadn’t come along, this year’s Democratic convention would not have been this great. This is the digital decency convention, a socially distancing big tent with no Colin Powell heckling, no Bill Clinton heckling, no Bernie-Biden or Biden-Bernie heckling! Foam hats and fingers were replaced by 57 backyards and plain speaking.

Of course, there will also be some plain speaking at next week’s Gop conventionLaura Loomer would make a good keynote speaker, or maybe Mr. Pillow, or Miss Moscow. There’s a good 1,000 pages written already, by the Senate Intelligence Committee. There was no collusion, by the way. Putin did what he wanted, Trump let him. Plenty of lying to congress, with some light treason. As far as Trump’s and people like him are concerned, he’s innocent enough, until the handcuffs go on. Even after that, history will eventually smile upon them, like it does Nazis and Confederate soldiers.

The rest of us can vote for Joe Biden. Most Americans are embarrassed by Trump’s response to coronavirus, the USPS… anything. Except for the time when he enabled Biden and Harris’ future protection of immigrants.

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