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Kagro in the Morning - August 22, 2016

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David Waldman, only gone for a week, now comes back to such a different world. Donald Trump, Trumped by nimble navigators, serves up pivot cakes, passes out Play-Doh, and creates a safe space for bigots and racists, who are now free at last from political correctness. John Stoehr has about a hundred questions not being asked about Hillary Clinton.

Greg Dworkin is back too, with news and polls. Why is Donald Trump sticking with a 1980’s style campaign? Trumpism is a politics of loss and revenge, but what do Trumpists really want? A white nationalist media empire? A lifestyle magazine? A golf course? Or just to watch the world burn? Whatever it is, Donald will take a piece of it home.

Aw, a 12 year old Trump, isn’t he cute?

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