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David Waldman and Greg Dworkin raise the curtain on our second week of our second decade of fine KITM news and entertainment:

Wildfires in the west, storms in the east. On average, you really can’t complain, except for all the COVID right there in the center, geysering out South Dakota, because of, or in addition to, that spread by the Sturgis motorcycle rally. Note that there are some solutions to this pandemic. Ivermectin is an example of a bad one, and the vaccines are examples of good ones. Your personal situation may call for you getting a third shot, while everybody's situation calls for you getting a first shot. For those who don’t believe this is a government plot to make spoons stick to noses, FDA approval for the Pfizer-BioNTech Covid vaccine is great news.

Afghanistan is kind of a mess, which experts and journalists describe as “not their fault”, and probably a president’s fault. While some Republicans insist that it’s not too late to bomb Afghans back to the stone age, most Americans like us out, and know the difference between friends and enemies. Our performance in Afghanistan is improving, but makes lousy b-roll

In Washington, moderate Democrats turned out to be extreme assholes once that they found out how much Senators Sinema and Manchin got out of obstruction.

Congratulations go out to Matt Gaetz, who eloped with his sweet alibi to California this weekend. Matt is definitely marrying up. Donald Trump allowed Matt to get married for some odd reason. Donald remains an idiot, screwing up the future of Space Command so that he could score points with Rick&Bubba in Alabama. Both Donald and Mo Brooks discovered that their big lies might have become more powerful than they are, when the two were booed at this weekend’s rally.

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