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Kagro in the Morning

Aug 26, 2016

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David Waldman concludes this week’s KITM birthday bacchanalia just in time to commence the weekend revelry.

Maine apologizes to the world, the world apologizes to Maine for Paul Dick LePage. LePage doesn’t believe he’s racist, but is quite certain you are an (expletive). 

Greg Dworkin applauds Hillary Clinton’s latest ass-kicking speech, in which she points out that Donald Trump is a racist, supported by bigots, but Republicans don’t have to be Trumpists if they don’t want to be. Will the Republicans remain Trumpers after 2016? Donald Trump doesn’t want to be so Trumpish anymore, angering his Trumpiest voting bloc, betraying Ann Coulter, and quashing his chances of a baby being named Trump Palin.

A Russian mob-linked fan of Trump’s not “being an indebted politician” gives him $5,400 up front, then follows up with a visit for “confidential” reasons. 

Stephen Bannon, the Most Dangerous Political Operative in America, doesn’t really live where he votes from. A thing that his former employer had a thing about. Meanwhile Breitbart moves to France.

An Egyptian Agitator hosts crazy orgy levitating Breitbart-like tent revivals for CPAC at his house, and wants you to picture what they could be like. What will Fox be like without sexual harassment? Donald Trump’s ‘Apprentices’ had to agree to go nude.

Is Putin trying to horn in on the Egypt action?

St. Louis school sees 90% of their students' attendance increase because of washing machines.

Barack Obama makes a land-sea-air grab of one of the most beautiful places on Earth.

It’s a Vagenda of Manocide!