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David Waldman, called by many Boy Scouts the “World’s Greatest Dad,” got his apps together last night in order to bring you today’s well-oiled KITM, chock full of ultramodern “two-way” conversations:

Greg Dworkin tells us there’s a new sheriff in town, but the same bad hombre. A lot of Trump guys are getting fired, and Donald Trump still continues work on taking himself down. Unfortunately, Trump remains an "incompetent player" who must be "liquidated”—according to Russia.

Donald Trump is not popular in the US either. 71% say Donald is not “level-headed”. In fact, most Americans think Trump’s mostly awful in most ways—except for being “intelligent and strong” (the two attributes displayed by only the greatest movie slashers.) Trump knows now is the time to enact some deplorable legislation for his deplorable core. In the center of all the chaos hides the greatest destruction.

Donald Trump is unbelievable. He lied about the Boy Scouts. He lied about the president of Mexico. He lied about asking the president of Mexico to lie for him. He lies about everything. He’ll lie about anything. Trump lies like his life depends upon it. At least being he’s honest about it

Trump battles “fake news” (real news) with “real news” (fake news) hosted by his daughter-in-law.

Where are the Single-Payer wonks? Everybody wants it, but it’s not so easyWhy leftists don't trust Kamala Harris, Cory Booker, and Deval Patrick.

Armando calls in to try out the Skype. Donald’s going on that golfing vacation his entire career has led to on Friday. While in DC, Graft stays at the luxurious Trump International.

Joan McCarter finally gets time to return to the show! Remember that dumb lawsuit over Obamacare payments? It's now a big problem for Trump. Donald will be checking the progress of Trumpcare from the links. Meanwhile, red states move to slash Medicaid on their own.

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