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Donald Trump is golfing, resulting in fewer Trump cataclysms today, sort of, although he still has plenty cooking. Nonetheless, this gives David Waldman and us a moment to catch our breath and catch up before the weekend:

As folks (i.e. mob bosses, war lords and assorted plutocrats) at the National Prayer Breakfast and Gop circles can avouch, Maria Butina is the gift that keeps on giving. Donald Trump is still a bit confused on the Russian topic. Another female super-spy is uncovered at the US embassy in Moscow, after spying a decade, so maybe Donald will point at Barack, or Hillary, or Bill.

Robert Mueller is moving several FARA cases to New York prosecutors.

Remember when George W. Bush said he could override a torture ban? David does, as was part of a meeting President Obama convened with civil liberties advocates. The question is, what does Brett Kavanaugh remember about the W. years? (Kavanaugh’s pretty questionable in many ways.) Voting to confirm Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court is more than an act of Congressional suicide, it’s the Republican murder of the legislative branch of government. The second half of KITM is devoted to a compression of more than a decade of David’s thoughts and warnings on the subject, as well as a primer on “Historical Gloss”. If we aren’t doomed already, Republicans will keep trying.

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