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David Waldman might have thought those long nights talking, drinking beers out back on the White House porch swing  might have been long forgotten, but as it turns out, Barack Obama did remember, and took steps to make certain that Joe Biden will also remember to turn off that Jim Crow relic filibuster the moment he turns on the lights in the Oval Office. Actually, the filibuster as it exists today has been David’s bête noire for a bit, so today’s KITM will take an historical perspective on this fight.

We still suffer from a pandemic. Greg Dworkin describes how schools can’t be opened safely now. The push for opening schools is guaranteed to fail. Opening safely is in fact a fantasy. (Michael Rapaport explains.) Of course, fantasy is all that Republicans have anymore... Dems panic! Joe Biden is too slow and too hasty in picking a VP! Joe will melt down in a debate! Ah, we will miss all those Republicans after we vote them out.

But what if Donald Trump’s plan to terrorize urban voting centers in swing states isn’t quite enough to capture the vote, and yet he refuses to leave? David outlines several official procedures of orderly succession for Trump to poop on! Seriously, what incentive would Trump have to follow any rules by that point? Perhaps, if Donald can kill voting by mail, less voters will have to die. Louis DeJoy, a top Trump fundraiser and Republican operative, pretends to be Postmaster General but can’t hold a candle to Wilford Brimley, who will be missed.

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