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Kagro in the Morning

Aug 30, 2016

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Once the video version of KITM is introduced, you will be able to enjoy David Waldman’s editorial side-eye. Until then you can only imagine:

The National Anthem is the latest hot-take moment, but protesting during it has been a sports tradition for a long, long time. Donald Trump figures there’s room to ship Kaepernick out with the Muslims and the Mexicans.

Greg Dworkin will fight anyone that doesn’t agree the Marvin Gaye cover of the National Anthem is the greatest of all time. But back to Trump, who is chipping away at Hillary’s lead. Greg says whatevs, with the polarized electorate it is still a blowout.

With that writing on the wall, Trump forces move to delegitimize the Clinton presidency, the media, voting, courts, government, etc. Colin Powell’s foundation and Hillary Clinton’s are treated very differently by the media. Donald Trump blames the media for his lies. The AP pimps out its tweets to make money for the side it respects. In an effort at even-handedness, Facebook starts trending fake news. The New York Post is at least more self-honest.

The Clinton Foundation is quite different from the Trump Foundation, on the other hand, the Clinton Foundation works like Washington works all the time.

Race relations are getting worse due to tribalism. An accent, or home town can cause discrimination.

In today’s conspiracy news, along with hacking one side’s computers, and leaking one side’s emails, Russian hackers have been tied to state election systems, if not to rig the election system, then to increase the suspicion of a rigged system. But, even hackers make mistakes.

Did you know that about the time I started doing these summaries, listenership of Kagro in the Morning shot straight up? OK, possibly, maybe a coincidence. Nonetheless, we are all glad you showed up, and remember, if you like the show, tell your friends to tell their friends that they should start listening too!