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Kagro in the Morning

Aug 30, 2021

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COVID, Afghanistan and Ida David Waldman and Greg Dworkin go there, figuratively, and we are right there with them:  

Judges aren’t into Greg Abbott and Ron DeSantis banning mask mandates. Some GQP goober, gubernatorial candidate in Pennsylvania, recently pledged to “make men, men again”, and also felons, in order to bring an end to people disagreeing with him on things, starting with mask mandates. He talks tough, but so did a lot of other anti-vax, anti-maskers at the beginning of this month, but you don’t hear much from them now. There are a lot of dumbasses still out there, for sure, but those dumbasses still deserve equal medical care, just not the same insurance rates.

The evacuation of Afghanistan is going well, at least as well as could be expected, in that anyone should expect it to go horribly, as much as Afghanistan is a horrible place to find oneself... The US will be judged on the last twenty years, but also this moment, and we are in charge of this moment.

At this moment we have hurricane Ida to deal with. We seem to be doing okay with an awful situation there as well, but of course at this moment the only direction to go is down.

Kevin McCarthy, Jim Jordan and Matt Gaetz are among Donald Trump’s greatest acolytes, and as such are fully aware they will need to knife Donald in the back first, before he does it to them. You knew Jim Jordan would be first to crack, didn’t you

Don’t believe everything you read on Twitter. Newt Gingrich sometimes makes stuff up.

Will the fraudit come to Pennsylvania next? Why not — although fewer of our greatest legal minds might be available for this one.