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Kagro in the Morning

Aug 31, 2020

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David Waldman returns to take us out of August and… OMG there’s still two months to go.

Greg Dworkin returns for the first time since the Republican National Pageant of Knuckleheads, which no one watched anyhow. This might have been intentional, as contradictory messages could then be repackaged and disseminated to their intended microtargets later… yeah, like they thought that out.

As roller coasters go, 2020 polling is kind of tranquil, almost soothing. Is 6 points too close for comfort? Nate Cohn might need about mid-November or so to give us solid numbers. Still, wherever there is a bellwether, there’s Joe Leading in it. Joe Biden’s voters may not be asking for much, but Joe is showing he can deliver that and even more.

The former Chief of Staff to Senator Olympia Snowe was concerned about Susan Collins, but no more.

Who trusts Jared Kushner? Definitely not Don McGahn.

Donald Trump is a lying prick. It is his brand, and Trump is devoted to his brand. Will Trump’s conveniently timed COVID-19 vaccine be on brand? Herd immunity is even more on brand: you do it yourself, and you pay for it. Anyhow, the late Herman Cain says it’s not as bad as it seems. Robert Trump might also attest to that, but of course he also might have been paid off.

Trump tried to register to vote in Florida using an out-of-state address. Why would Donald do such a stupid thing? Well, he wouldn’t, Trump hires lawyers to do his stupid things.

Steve Scalise literally put words into the mouth of disabled Progressive activist Ady Barkan.

Soon, there will be Cameo for journalists, where 50 bucks will get you a juicy tidbit they haven’t yet mentioned to their editor. But for now you still need to wait for their book to come out. The DOJ secretly curtailed FBI investigation of Trump ties to Russia. It must have been a well-kept secret as dozens of FBI agents were standing right there. Rod Rosenstein lands a job with the Other Side.

Even Republicans think Qanon are screwballs… but of course they thought that about Donald Trump a few years ago. Here are the Q-nuts running for Congress in 2020.