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Tropical Storm Isaias swept through Connecticut, knocking out the power to more than 700,000, but not for our ever-prescient Greg Dworkin, who just last month thought to install a household generator. Alas, Greg must still need to climb the pole outside to make his Skype calls, because that just wasn’t going to happen today.

You can bet Greg would have wanted to talk about the electoral/primary news coming out of MissouriArizonaKansasMichigan, and Washington. MO Republicans attempted to block health coverage for hundreds of thousands, but voters wouldn’t let them. 20 year congressman Lacy Clay was primaried out by BLM rebel Cori Bush. Rashida Tlaib kept her primary challenger at bay.

In Beirut, Lebanon, a series of fires and explosions were soon followed by a really massive explosion. Donald Trump operates under the assumption that he’s President of the United states, but in reality couldn’t be more stupid if there were two of him, so he thought he’d sound “on top of things” if he stated it was “a bomb”. That would be a abhorrently inappropriate statement to make, had Donald Trump actually been president.  Others in Washington are just beginning to contemplate the devastation

Then there’s the COVID-19 pandemic, or if you pick door #2, the upcoming seasonal “polio-like condition”. Italy and Sweden both have learned the hard way, but at least they learned. Of course, Sweden chose their hard way on purpose.

Biden will no longer travel to Milwaukee for the Democratic National Convention. The RNC will be lucky if Trump doesn’t make his as a White House toilet-selfie.

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