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Kagro in the Morning - August 8, 2014

Happy Friday! We're bombing Iraq, again. A married couple, both cops, fed up with their daughter making bad life decisions, decide to murder her boyfriend. A GunFAIL follow-up: family of man killed by a gun he thought was unloaded asks for donations to the NRA. Since issuing its first concealed carry permits in February, Illinois has had to kick over 100 approved instructors off the lists of those who can train applicants. (Like what we heard about last year in Missouri.) And in Michigan, they're supposed to be watching for violations by concealed carriers. But they're not. Well, just trust 'em, I guess. A fracking company owner for reals goes to jail for dumping waste in the river. Remember those giant tobacco settlement payments to states? Wall Street figured out how to steal them. The idiotic practice of Members of Congress faking "thrift" by living in their offices.

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