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I bought tires two weeks ago. To this day, my browsers and apps all still vie to sell me tires. Can’t anyone monitor me more intelligently?

(David Waldman, still somewhere holding a coconut with a straw and little umbrella, remains unavailable for live broadcasts. He has however, assembled several all-new Mini-KITMs, of which this is #6.)

The Israeli surveillance company NSO Group  sure knows how to monitor people. Just about everybody on the internet uses end-to-end encryption to guard our privacy, frustrating those who don’t prefer our privacy. NSO developed a way around all that, so simple that you don’t even have to click a thing before it is busy uploading your photos and videos, recordings, location records, communications, web searches, passwords, call logs and social media posts — in real time!

Hey, before you say anything, NSO exclusively supplies this program to only the most responsible governments around the world. Supplying spyware to criminals, terrorists, or governments that do not have people’s best interests at heart would be like selling them “weapons”. It just isn’t done. Except for the 50,000 politicians, judges, lawyers, teachers… 10 prime ministers, three presidents and a king that were infected, of course.

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