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Kagro in the Morning

Dec 1, 2022

David Waldman and Greg Dworkin ring in the new month on today’s Holiday KITM.

In Georgia, Raphael Warnock is way ahead of Herschel Walker in early voters polled. Republicans holding off until they see some good Walker news might need to wait a while longer. In fact, the Lieutenant Governor of Georgia waited an hour to vote and just couldn’t bring himself to do it. Even Herschel has found it tough showing up, preferring to stay at home

The Supreme Court paved the way for the Dem-led House Ways and Means Committee to finally get Trump’s tax records. People might be forgetting how awful the Supreme Court is, but should be reminded again soon.

The leaders of Finland and New Zealand meet, and the press imagines montages from “Sex in the City”. British citizen and Executive Director Ngozi Fulani was asked by the Queen’s former Lady in Waiting, repeatedly, “No, where are you really from?” Republicans wonder if Trump’s anti-Semite supper club scandal might be the best time to go Caesar on Donald. Kanye loves Hitler even more than Alex Jones does.

Kari Lake and Steve KG Bannon do really get each other.

The Right have felt like victims for so long, they haven’t really noticed being killed en masse by Covid. Remember, every Republican accusation is a confession. Convicted seditionist Stewart Rhodes’ son describes how he avoided being radicalized by his dad. A lot of US children will not escape the same fate, however.

President Joe Biden pulled the switch on that railroad strike in just the nick of time. Railroad workers haven’t gotten all that they want or need because their bosses see them as expenses rather than assets.

The price of gas is dropping and is lower than before Russia invaded Ukraine. The US layoff rate is still close to record low. That spike back there didn’t lead to a recession. Always follow the GDP over inflation.