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Kagro in the Morning - December 10, 2015

David Waldman wonders what’s up with these Millennial Hotels lately? And, why don’t they have a decent bar?

That crazy old loon who hates abortion really spilled the beans in open court yesterday with his insane, incriminating outburst, didn’t he? And so did the Planned Parenthood shooter!

Greg Dworkin analyzes the analysis from the left through the right, and the dummies that pretend to be in the in-between. The media worm is finally turning on Trump. But really, Trump is a fine representative for Republican values, and most would be fine with voting for him if he ended up nominee. If not Trump, was the door opened for Ted Cruz, or is Cruz even less electable than Trump? Marco Rubio is checking the most boxes for political scientists, but is he out there wooing like he should?

Terrorism, Obama, and calls for gun restrictions are making this a Merry Christmas for gun makers.

The Planned Parenthood shooter asked for directions to Planned Parenthood, says he’s guilty, and said he was a warrior for the babies, so there may be less calls for “both sides” of this argument.

Justice Antonin Scalia suggests that black students do better in “less-advanced schools” that are on “slower tracks”. David looks into the concept that diversity brings “intellectual danger”, or “safe spaces” to education. 

Wendy David regrets being part of the reason we can’t make progress on the gun issue. 

Mock mass shooting at University of Texas uses mock guns so no one gets shot as they mock win to prove their point. They end up having to use a Mock campus. Mass farting event will use real farts for real winning.

Is multi-billionaire Mark Zuckerberg really completely altruistic? Zuckerberg has a different viewpoint.

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