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David Waldman and Greg Dworkin are back together again! Ok, it hasn’t been that long, but it’s always good news when it happens! 

Good news also for those who disagree with how another state handles electoral votes, COVID-19, gun laws, abortion, same sex marriage, etc. —  Just have your state sue their state! There was a time states just didn’t care for that, supposedly. Now it turns out, some states, like Georgia, are maybe into that sort of thing. C'est la vie! Except, of course, for the officials who toss out their state’s electoral votes because they fear for their lives. Plenty of loons are standing by for that word from Donald Trump, or maybe their pet dog, to start boogin’. Sleeper cells are waking up in Congress as we speak. Mitt Romney senses that it’s time to act alarmed again.

Ah, but someday, like a miracle, Donald will disappear.  Well, maybe not quite a miracle. But before he does, Joe Biden should stay out of the way of the authorities that do want to see Trump for moment or two. Until then, friends of Trump are friends with benefits. Michael Flynn’s pardon doesn’t make him innocent, but he’s still pardoned. David Perdue picked up $1.8 million from a guy, after he passed that guy’s bill. Trump installed a friend in the Pentagon who immediately sent all the money to a friend of both of theirs.

Nobody hates people getting benefits more than the guy that just missed qualifying for them. This is what’s called “economic anxiety”… which also includes being anxious about any people of color, whatever their actual class.

South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem notes that COVID-19 isn’t so bad if you don’t have it, and those that do, grease the wheels of progress. Over 3,000 went into the gears last night. Sweden thought this was a good plan too, for a while. RonaRudyTooty finds no downside with this system.

Whistleblower Rebekah Jones accessed a public email, and either that, or the whistleblowing, got her in a heap of trouble in Florida. She released video of her raid, and the feud continues.

Fort Hood’s systemic rot is so pervasive, they finally had to fire 14 Army leaders, including a general. They should rename the place and start over.

Chuck Schumer needed to take Dianne Feinstein aside to tell her that she should step down from the Senate Judiciary Committee... twice. A conversation that probably needs to come up more often.

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