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Kagro in the Morning - December 11, 2015

David Waldman today addresses examples of news that you just do not hear being addressed anywhere else in detail, which is a shame considering that these are the stories that you would really want addressed everywhere:

An ex-Oklahoma City cop, Daniel Holtzclaw, has been found guilty of multiple on-duty rapes. This is egregious abuse of power, clearly linked to concerns voiced by Black Lives Matter, feminist groups and many others for a lifetime, and yet is only starting to gather attention of the mainstream news. David covers this in some detail today.

A University of Texas task force recommended that students should be able to carry handguns in classrooms but not inside dormitories, but said “Every member of the working group thinks that we would be best if we did not have handguns in the classroom” as their sensibilities became entangled in the law.

CNN’s crazy Trump superfan, who said she’d “never been involved” in politics before, turns out to have been a dangerous birther, married to Bundy militia man, and oh yeah, a state legislator in the New Hampshire House of Representatives.

Armando refutes the intellectualized rationalizations framing the Trump phenomena: Trump supporters, like the Tea Party before them, are just a rebranding of certain conservative groups.

Rosalyn MacGregor reports from Michigan: Gov. Rick Snyder stands up for sanity, and another road deal falls apart. MI House, Senate leave major issues for the final week of session, just like the Washington folks. 

Ben Carson is going to leave the GOP if they have a “brokered convention”. But boy, it would get great ratings, so Trump should go for it.

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