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Kagro in the Morning - December 13, 2016

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You wouldn’t believe the callers entering KITM Tower, seeking an audience with David Waldman… but look—Kanye West is spotted at Trump Tower!!! You know, Kanye would have voted Trump, if he voted. OMG, who would ever vote for a lunatic cry-baby celebrity big-mouthed egotist, even as a joke? The Democrats on the other hand, are ambivalent

Greg Dworkin snaps us back to today’s mess: President Obama indicates that there are 'clear relationships' between the Trump campaign and Russia. There are actually many clear relationships to explore. Of course, some questions need to be asked to clear them up a bit more. Some Republicans remember the Russians are not our friends.

Even without Russian help, there is plenty of U.S. to destroy, and cash to be made. The rush is on for Donald and the GOP to take out Obamacare before most of the country can stop them. Besides Obamacare, does anyone care about health care?

Did sexism get Trump elected?  Being a jerk makes Trump satisfying to oppose, but remember to oppose his policies too. If Trump ever really “governs”, how might he govern? You could ask Trump, but on the other hand, no you can’t.

We should also remember why the popular vote counts, as well as the vote counting, and hope the electors will remember too. A reasonable person could make a good case that Comey flipped the election, as well.

David returns back to the horrors of Trump Tower...BOO! Paul Manafort was there all the time

Welcome to our new Psy Op’d world. How will your life be ruined? Keep your head. Don’t be mislead by the propaganda about propaganda, propaganda.

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