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You’re in luck. The schools local to KITM World Headquarters might consider this Friday the 13th to be best burrowed under a nice warm blanket, but not David Waldman, who this very morning braved the frigid drafts of a unknown number of intersecting hallways to provide us with today’s latest:

There is no word that can adequately describe parents that store unlocked guns with kids “to protect them”. The only people dumber are those that believe arming random strangers will protect their kids at school.

No wait, there may be worse. How about those that can’t see that in the interim between acquittal and election Donald Trump just might feel like taking his desperate lawlessness up a notch? Then what are they going to do about it? You know, patience and time are the best tools in this situation… Republicans know that too.

Millions in aid haven’t reached Ukraine yet. So, a federal judge on Monday issued a preliminary injunction ordering the OMB to comply with a FOIA request for records. The White House says no thank you. David looks into the next steps, should anyone want to pursue them.

Are Dems their own worst enemies? Is it possible that Pat Leahy did more damage to liberal interests than any individual Democratic senator of the Obama era? Well, you can ask “Chuckles” here, he’ll tell you all about it.

Correspondent Barefoot Gardener reports from deep in the heart of the midwest, the heart of racist xenophobia, and the heart of people who still have a heart.

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