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Without Greg Dworkin available on the air, it was a solo effort on today's Pew polling on Presidential job approval and Congressional handling of the "Fiscal Thingy." We also marked the launch of the Daily Kos "War on Christmas Fundraiser," and gave a little peripherally-related background on some of the things that I think make Daily Kos unique as a community and as a forum. We also had another daily dose of filibuster reform discussion, including a look at Jonathan Bernstein's objections to the plan recently circulated by Sen. Jeff Merkley (D-OR), and a great listener phone call from Mike in Pittsburgh, who pointed out that the "talking filibuster" might also make it easier to crack the 2/3 threshold on changing the rules under "regular order." Plus, a reading of some of the less-often-repeated quotes from Republican Senators in 2005, offered in praise and support of the constitutional option. Finally, a shift in gears: a capitalistic defense of unionism. Why would real small government advocates want to prevent workers from privately ordering their affairs with their employers through unions, when the workers' next most logical solution ends up being voting in a government that will do it for them?

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