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Kagro in the Morning - December 14, 2015

David Waldman sniffs out today’s BS, so you don’t have to:

Secret US Policy Blocks Agents From Looking at Social Media of Visa Applicants, Former Official Says — the headline says. David says this isn’t at all what the article is about, and questions if this is what the situation is really about and if this is even an effective solution to the existing problem.

Greg Dworkin brings new polling, analysis and a movie review: Spotlight — “If you lose your respect for real journalism, see this movie and restore it”.

In Iowa people like Bernie, but voting for Hillary. Trump is on a plateau, as Cruz soars. Head to head polls are usually dumb, but here are some. (Trump is the big loser.) Did Gop wait too long to disown trump? Yep, and no one significant has said they won’t vote for him anyhow. The pack breaks into tiers. Is it time to talk about a “brokered” convention? (Even if that is not what they are talking about.) Fiorina snaps, but who is listening?

What is your level of anti-gun-ness? Do you want to minimize accidents, tightly control guns into schools, or do you want to ban guns — all of them? That might actually be the place to start. People are looking into the criteria for being a “Responsible Gun Owner” or a “Good Guy With a Gun”. Rifleman wanders the streets of Akron, and confronts barbershop owner. Eventually the cops are called in — by the Rifleman. The Starbucks cup evangelist gives a bad name to maniac zealot sociopaths by calling for mass assassinations. Meanwhile, the #GunFAIL Effect continues, with an American kid dying every other day

Serena Williams is first woman since Mary Decker to get onto the cover of Sports Illustrated as Sportsperson of the Year!

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