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Kagro in the Morning - December 16, 2015

After the National Anthem, after the birds tweet and the opening music, after the Ping! and then that opening music, then you know that eventually you will be rewarded with 2 hours of entertaining, informative, David Waldman & friends:

Greg Dworkin subjected himself to the Republican terror-debates last night, as well as the Twitter feed and several articles: With all of the candidates, and 4 hours of debates, the media would be happier with at least a 4 way battle, but it looks like it is coming down to 3: Trump, Cruz and Rubio. Who really supports these candidates? By the way, Hillary Clinton still sits pretty.

Rosalyn MacGregor reported on KITM months ago on Flint, Michigan’s switch from Lake Huron water to the Flint River. Even then, they knew about the hazard of increasing lead in the drinking water. Now, the mayor declares a state of emergency.

Joan McCarter is not on team Bearded Paul Ryan, but Paul has to finish his hunt. Joan’s prognosis is that the government will cling to life through the 22nd, then everyone goes home for Christmas. A multi-millionaire celebrity with lots of time and connected friends, lobbies and humiliates the government into doing something right. CNN asks Carly Fiorina to take responsibility for Planned Parenthood lies. Fat chance.

David looks into a particularly looney former police chief now in jail for his usual habit of violent behavior, and wonders what he’s been drinking. No, really. Should violent offenders and abusive police have their blood checked for lead levels? Can bad cops be predicted by how many complaints have been lodged against them? Wait a minute — don’t people already track how many complaints have been lodged against police officers?

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