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There is a “chance for winter weather” in mid-December near KITM World Headquarters, and that means David Waldman has extra crew to help operate forks, knives and refrigerator doors in the background as needed.

Greg Dworkin calls in to round up the polls. Basically, if it’s a poll, it’s good for Biden. If it’s a poll, it’s bad for Trump.

Literally everyone (not including the 54% of Americans polled and the 45% of independents favoring impeachment right now) could use a little more information before deciding on impeachment. Therefore, there is no need to send impeachment to the the Senate until Trump is completely finished committing his impeachable offences and crimes. Today, the Judiciary Committee released a 600 page report for those still on the fence to mull over.

Meanwhile, Chuck Schumer laid down the Democratic marker for the Senate’s trial structure, and the need for witnesses, including Mick Mulvaney and John Bolton, and maybe a little solemnity for once.

For many Republican Senators, the oath they will take as a juror means nothing. For others, it means even less. Either way, witnessing them take the oath should be must-see TV.

Jeff Van Drew deserts to the Trump side, luckily many of his staff were thrown clear. So, why not promote Justin Amash to impeachment manager? There might be a couple of reasons.

The law somehow keeps marching on: A federal judge rejected a request by the Justice Department that he delay the proceedings in the House Oversight Committee’s census subpoena lawsuit until an appeals court decides the separate Don McGahn subpoena case. The White House refused to turn over interpreter’s notes from a meeting between President Trump and Vladimir Putin because Trump took them and wouldn’t give them back.

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