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Kagro in the Morning - December 18, 2015

David Waldman brings on the Friday Insanity, and there’s plenty:

Remember the War from Christmas?

Augusta County schools in Virginia closed after being hit by the perfect storm of ignorance, as calligraphy brings an abundance of caution and puddles of urine from school officials. Nothing to learn here, move on

Greg Dworkin hears you like the crazy, so he put some crazy in your crazy:

The Media still struggles with how to push back on Donald Trump, can he be contained, or just shut up for a minute? Trump remains the Honey Badger, and his backers like it, and would be there even if he wasn’t.

Cruz and Rubio continue to battle, as Rubio steps into Cruz’s trap, scaring Rubio’s money, and aggravating Latinos. The Republicans have been burning this bridge a while.

Bernie Sanders looks good to take NH, and now IA. Hillary Clinton leads 2-1, though, even with less “likability, and now the Sanders’ campaign takes a hit with a fired data director.

The House passes the Omnibus spending bill, now it’s through Demon Pass to the Senate.

David delves further into the shams, scams, and shell games of flim-flammer Martin Shkreli, who had learned from lessons taught by Bain capital, Gordon Gekko, Don Corleone, and generally all BBA courses to remember to drain the maximum available from every transaction, but didn’t learn to first legislate the crime out of his business dealings, and most importantly to build a good coalition of powerful political friends. Like ISIS and Saudi Arabia.


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