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And some say, Donald Trump’s asterix grew three sizes that day… 

People will be talking about this historic day forever... or maybe tomorrow is the historic day. Either way, Republicans are tugging on the wrong side of it.

David Waldman is off the roof and in the house, Abby joins us via Skype. If you listen closely, you might catch Greg Dworkin rounding up polls and pundits somewhere in the background:

The Gop is not winning the impeachment argument, the election, maybe the Senate, and there’s more bad news for them to come. Most have heard enough already to decide for impeachment, so Kavanaugh-style obfuscation won’t get much traction. Trump might never text a lowercase word ever again as he struggles to recapture the attention of the 2016 voters who have wandered away from him. Half of military service members have dropped Trump. So has the fourth Pentagon official

Heading into the Senate trial, Republicans will miss Jim Jordan’s big mouth. So, now they’re thinking, “Why not Jim Jordan?” After all, it’s not like they have any representatives there. Democrats see Justin Amash as Democrats, and America’s representative. Maybe Nancy Pelosi could be open to leaving the inquiry open for a while.

Dmytro Firtash is not a household name, and will spend millions to keep it that way. He paid $1 million to Lev Parnas… no wait, he gave Lev’s wife the money, so OK then.

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