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Kagro in the Morning

Dec 19, 2013

Greg Dworkin was back today, and he brought a new NYT/CBS poll with him. "Uninsured Skeptical of Health Care Law in Poll," we're told. And Greg takes that apart. He also points us to "The GOP Repeal Trap" as well as Alex Pareene's 2013 "Hack List." Then, we hold up National Memo's "America's Greediest" profile of Sheldon Adelson and yesterday's report on the "accidental" $100 billion tax loophole for the rich next to Slate's look at the original "Welfare Queen," and ask who's stealing more here? A quick detour to Speaker Boehner renting his DC apartment from a tanning industry lobbyist, and then a call from Armando, to move us to Politico's effort to let us know that they held a panel concluding that the media is full of filthy liberals. Of course, we think it's just full of derp. Finally, an attempt to get to the completely bonkers story of the EPA official who pretended to be in the CIA!