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Kagro in the Morning

Dec 2, 2013

Waking from our post-Thanksgiving slumber to find out the ACA website user interface appears to be working, and that Amazon says they're experimenting with the idea of delivering via drone. Greg Dworkin updates us on the state of the website-turning-the-corner narrative, noting Timothy Egan's op-ed, "Rooting for Failure," new sign-up numbers, and where the storyline is likely to go from here. Also: claims that support for gun control helped Mark Herring win the AG race in Virginia, and Gabby Giffords and Eric Schneiderman write on a new model for background checks at gun shows. Then, a discussion of one reason Sunday shows suck: they're full of pundits who all live the same cloistered lifestyle, and whose job is to sound jaded when they read The Hotline to you, then insist they're geniuses for doing it. No Labels turns out to be a flop. Former Sen. Bob Smith says he's a Republican again, and from New Hampshire again. And last week's Snowden document dump said the NSA is spying on the online web surfing habits of Muslim "radicalizers," but it's OK because none of their stuff ever gets out of control and none of their definitions ever get expanded. Or start out as completely stupid in the first place. Or whatever. Look, just shop. OK?