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Merry Kagro in the Morning! David Waldman presents the day’s jolly airing of grievances that precede his annual sufganiyot-induced slumber. He’s back Thursday!

Happy holidays! Donald Trump is impeached, right now, forever. Greg Dworkin lets us know that stain isn’t coming out.

You wouldn’t think evangelical Christians would be so dogmatic, but then again, that is kind of their point. Still, it is hard to confuse Trump with Christ and fewer do each day. This weekend, Greg rounded up the continually growing moral outrage expressed in Christianity Today’s editorial, “Trump Should Be Removed from Office”, which brought needed attention to the fissures existing in Trump’s support, along with overdue recognition to the Christians who aren’t Trump idolizers

Pollsters are parsing between those that understand why Donald Trump should be impeached and those that want him removed from office. Trump is the go-to brand name for grifters.

Black voter support is based on pragmatic logic and not anger, in case any candidate might want to take that into consideration.

Trump had another puppet string malfunction this weekend, something about windmills... Kevin McCarthy knows the truth, which is exactly why he is lying so much now.

It’s not just Santa. If you own a cellphone, just about everyone knows if and when you are naughty and nice. Saudis and their NSA pals developed and distributed a popular spy app, along with tens of thousands of manipulative Twitter accounts.

Russian assassins love using poison. Unit 29155 perhaps loved it too much.

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