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Kagro in the Morning

Dec 29, 2015

David Waldman returns from both a vacation and a cold to tackle the many items of varying importance that have been begging to be tackled.

Greg Dworkin gives us the inside line on who’s the best bet in the presidential horse race. Hillary Clinton is way ahead, with Trump and Cruz way back. It doesn’t look like much of a race so far, unless you concentrate on the Gop pack with Rubio falling, Cruz rising. Establishment darling Marco Rubio is not really representative of anyone, as people notice the political natural is not a natural for the job. How about a Jeb! comeback?

None of us want to miss the climatic explosion of Donald Trump, which enriches the media, and destroys the Republican party. Bernie Sanders thinks he might catch some of the pieces raining down, Donald Trump sees a disaster

Paul Ryan shows he can govern — big mistake. Instead of fighting ISIS, South Carolina backs the Confederacy. Girl shot in face expected to survive, probably did not expect to be shot in the face.

Jerry Lewis damages his legacy by insulting Obama, praising Trump, Reagan

"Affluenza" teen visits Puerto Vallarta right in the middle of tourist season, realizes his mistake.

David reports that Ruby Tuesday is overpriced for what you get there

​People that accidentally shoot themselves in Montana get several depressing surprises, including air ambulance bills.