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Kagro in the Morning - December 3, 2014

A libertarian you'll recognize for his gun advocacy, but who also opposes drunk driving laws (and protests at sobriety checkpoints) is struck by a drunk driver, but wants you to STFU about irony. Greg Dworkin shared a wide-ranging collection of stories. AFT President Randi Weingarten reminds us that Sandy Hook's teachers, students and families will need long-term support. Things not looking so hot for Landrieu. New suspected Ebola patient in Boston. Apparently stop & frisk doesn't cut crime. WTF with James Watson? And Richard III is positively identified. But it's no match with the current royals! Hmm! Joan McCarter joins us to discuss just what the hell a cromnibus is, the Republican proclivity for economic uncertainty, and renewed CBO shenanigans. Jim Inhofe continues to be loopy. Will courts intervene in the next TX execution? NV raging racist speaker-designate ends up as... assistant majority leader. Possible effects of the King case on the ACA, explained. And a brief net neutrality update. Lastly, Detroit's top bankruptcy lawyer is expensing his vacation travel.

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