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It’s always nice when someone else watches the munchkin for the weekend. But these days, it can be so embarrassing! At least there was some comedic value to be had.

Still, Trump’s absence helped keep things relatively quiet over the weekend, and the passing of George H.W. Bush took a good deal of the oxygen out of the room.

As always, Greg Dworkin was on top of the news, from a roundup of the top stories of last week, and the flat truth about… that certain segment of Trump voters, not to mention those jokers over at No Labels, who appear to have found a label after all.

Fallout from the now-materialized Blue Wave continues to settle, and this time, what’s left of the Republicans aren’t even pretending they’re interested in an “autopsy.”

At the tail end of that Blue Wave comes evidence that, once again, Republican freakouts about voter fraud are just more projection. Yes, the NC-09 story gets worse, and more bizarre, by the day.

Finally, we turn back to Saudish Arabia, to begin exploring the Saud family feud that appears to have led to the murder of Jamal Khashoggi.


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