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David Waldman and Greg Dworkin do dumps, big massive dumps of insight and entertainment for Thursday’s show:

What’s worse, Donald Trump or COVID-19? It could be a tie, they are hard to separate at this point.

We lost a 9/11’s worth of people to COVID-19 yesterday. A total number rivaling a nuclear strike. About 70,000 since Donald Trump invented regeneron. So yesterday, instead of doing something, or anything, Donald spent the whole day producing his “most important speech” ever, worth even less than absolutely nothing, a net negative to everyone.

What can we do? Well, for one, we shouldn’t prosecute Donald Trump, it would just play into his, and Republican hands...

In fact, if we want to reach proper immunisation levels across the country we should make an effort to “depoliticize” vaccinations, maybe we can call the vaccine “The Trump vaccine”, and praise Donald Trump as often as possible, so that he doesn’t become distracted or counterproductive. Of course, those people who didn’t bother to wear masks, or actively opposed them in bars, restaurants, parties, orgiesrallies, protests, private and superspreader events... From those that think COVID-19 is a hoax, to those that just don’t think... They created, and reside in, hot zones and should be moved to the front of the vaccine line, right behind the important people. Sigh.

You don’t need to tell Republicans they lost the election, they know. Most of them are in it to troll the libs as long as they can. Some really could be that dumb or crazy, though. That concerns the people that think this pro-wrestling schtick might have just gone too far. Money, like Sheldon Adelson, and OG, like Newt Gingrich are beginning to sweat this hand as the lunatics line up, some of them dangerous for the party, and some of them ready to end the game for everybody. The folks that fantasize about martial law have been training cops on how they want them to handle it.

KITM listener-correspondent John Ronald has at least two first names, and a report on voter suppression in Harris county Texas. Over in Florida, a Republican holds a TED talk on how to fraudulently vote in Georgia. David Perdue cashes in on his job, 2596 times. Ivanka Trump can give her dad and bros inside tips on where to find cigs in the pen. 

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