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Kagro in the Morning

Dec 30, 2016

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David Waldman presents the final KITM of this sucky year. Did you make your New Year’s resolution yet? How about a donation to our worthy cause? Who knows, it could be tax deductible, which sure beats losing weight, or running every morning!

A handgun in Maine might resolve to be more careful, after accidentally tragedizing a local man to death. There is no word on whether the victim had time to contemplate his life choices. Charges could come this week for a deputy whose weapon, while not quite empty of projectiles during an experiment involving a force machine, yadda yadda a woman’s neck.

Our upcoming Leader of the Free World can say ”Islamic Terrorists”, and “Mexican Rapists”, but has an severe impediment involving “Russian Hackers”. Thankfully, Barack Obama has just the solution, although Trump doesn’t seem like the guy who’d take therapeutic intervention well. A couple of Russians being ousted were pretty eager to leave as it is. More important to Trump is of course, will China be his friend?

No one is more religious than Donald Trump. Still, there will be many at his inauguration vying for second place.

Corporate media finds the sweet spot—smart people can read the article, dumb people can read the headline. Paul Ryan’s plan to crackdown on streaming might be unconstitutional, but remember, business as usual is over.

And, our friendly Canadian Correspondent Brian Munroe reports that Canadians differ from Trump on their view of public health care!