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Kagro in the Morning

Dec 30, 2019

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Another week, another holiday or two. David Waldman joins with Greg Dworkin to bring us this holiday perforated week.

Is the Senate trial the light at the end of Donald Trump’s impeachment tunnel, or the train? Republican Senators dive for someplace safe. Republican voters are losing their enthusiasms. Meanwhile, Nancy Pelosi drives Donald crazy, and defends the Constitution.

Don’t wait for history to judge Trump. History has a lot on its docket. History, and David Waldman have taught us a lot, but here we are.

Have Democratic voters gotten smarter and more loyal to their party than back in 2016? It depends on who is leading them. Democrats see little reason to be loyal to Tulsi Gabbard. Joe Biden remains in the lead and on the campaign trail confirming that he has, or hasn’t got what it takes to win.

Trump continues to demonstrate that he’s unrepentant and determined to break the law again. Or that he’s a dimwitted Putin and/or Parscale puppet. For 84 days Trump fought hard to keep Putin great. Today, Donald goes golfing.

No Holocaust denyingwhite nationalists will go hungry as long as Matt Gaetz is around.

Rep. John Lewis, civil rights icon, Congressional icon, takes on another big fight. Maybe Jimmy Carter can coach.