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The new Washington Post/Pew poll puts Greg Dworkin back in the polling analysis game, this time revealing that Republicans are losing the "Fiscal Thingy" debate, as 53% of respondents indicate they'd place the fault for missing the end-of-the-year deadline on Congressional Republicans, while just 27% would blame the White House. Then, a bit of interconnected background that took us from the current filibuster reform fight, to the origin of the filibuster loophole, to Aaron Burr versus Alexander Hamilton, and back to today's tax cut fight, via House discharge petition procedure and the motion to recommit. And finally, a reminder about just how conniving those ALEC folks actually are, via ALEC's pre-fabricated package of legislation that allows states to turn its prison population into a profit center. Say, doesn't that sort of upset the whole social compact as it relates to policy decisions to shoulder certain burdens in order to criminalize certain behaviors on its head? Yeah, it sort of does. Oh wells!

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