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Kagro in the Morning - December 5, 2014

Greg Dworkin joins us in noting the Twitter jubilation over the latest jobs numbers as well as the continuing protests across the country growing out of the Brown, Garner & Rice cases (and so much more), which pose problems for politicians from Bill de Blasio to Loretta Lynch. What do you do with the Sandy Hook gunman's now-empty house? Breaking: Republicans are full of it on anti-poverty programs. A thing happened at TNR. Conservative paper says we need police transparency & accountability. Yay! But also, it's about cigarette taxes. Boo! Gop civil war never stopped. Chris Christie's doesn't control his top aides & is therefore exonerated. Right? Armando gets us all philosophical about history, political science and the modern state of the law, by way of The War of the Roses. Rosalyn MacGregor updates us on the insanity of Michigan's lame duck legislative carnival. Another MI story, via Eclectablog, on a scheme to open a FEMA re-education camp taxpayer-funded Tea Party-themed K-12 school. Plus a story out of Florida lays out how it's done by straight-up criminals. Weekend reading: Pay-to-play with Congress pays off in company tax breaks.

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