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Back on our regular schedule today, so we were able to catch up with Greg Dworkin. On today's agenda: the DC kabuki theater surrounding the "Fiscal Thingy," the realpolitik of internal caucus dynamics, and how they create "lag time" in between the public's expression of its prefences and the ability of our elected officials to finally align themselves with them. Armando joined in for an extended discussion on the debt ceiling issue, specifically on the widsom and feasibility of eliminating the necessity for Congress to raise the statutory limit. Then, a wide-ranging news roundup, including: the Senate's rejection of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, thanks to lobbying by Rick Santorum; Rep. Virginia Foxx chewing out a House staffer for having the temerity to ride the "Members Only" elevator (even though it's Members Only during votes, which was apparently not the case); Sen. Rand Paul doesn't know what Kentucky's biggest industry is, and finally; an evaluation of one of the most overlooked (but powerful) provisions of the filibuster reform proposal.

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