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Kagro in the Morning

Dec 6, 2013

The first hour-plus of the show today was given over to reactions to the death of Nelson Mandela, mostly spent gawking with Armando at unearthed relics of conservative opposition. George Will provides the bulk of the entertainment. The review included Joan Walsh's "Fight the right-washing of Nelson Mandela's legacy,"'s "Remembering The Religious Right's Attacks On Nelson Mandela," and their review of the curious coincidence of the intimate involvement of both Jack Abramoff and Grover Norquist in resisting the American anti-apartheid movement (because Freedom). Wacky! Then, we turned back to the Detroit issue, finishing up with the Demos backgrounder, and supplementing its weediness with an explainer from David Sirota, an interview from Josh Eidelson, and an AP report on the next round of the city's screwing.