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December 7th. The Pearl Harbor Day of remembrance days. And it being Friday, we took a short break from extensive filibuster reform discussion, though it certainly came up in context more than a few times, and instead focused on a round-up of other stories from the Hill and around the country. Joan McCarter was on hand to chat about some of the craziness she's covered in the past few days, including the spectacle of Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell filibustering his own request to debate and vote on the President's debt ceiling proposal. Better yet, Joan let us know about today's scheduled Google Hangout with Howard Dean, set for 1:15 pm ET, right on the front page of Daily Kos! Come talk with Joan and the Governor about protecting Social Security and Medicare, especially in the context of the "Fiscal Thingy." Your questions are most welcome! Greg Dworkin also joined in for an abbreviated segment today, chiming in on the various goings on. Then it was a quick tour of the day's news, starting with the latest idiocy from the Dean of the Republican Clown College, Dick Morris, whose latest howler is that Hurricane Sandy is what cost Mitt Romney the election and what caused his predictions to be so horribly, horribly wrong. Also: the passage of so-called "Right to Work" legislation in Michigan, which actually creates no rights regarding work at all, though I think it'd be fun if people started demanding their shiny new jobs as though it did. That might make best make the point about what this Orwellian nonsense is really about. We wrapped with a short discussion of Jim DeMint's resignation and what it means, and something to think about over the weekend: the need for a revival of mutual insurance companies, credit unions, employee-owned pension funds, and the like.

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