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Kagro in the Morning - December 7, 2015

David Waldman reminds us that today, like all days, we should eat only American food.

Greg Dworkin brings the polls and discusses the news: Trump-Cruz-Carson in IA, Trump-Cruz-Rubio in NH. As expected, Donald Trump’s lead deceives as well, and the bet is still on Rubio. But, really, the big story isn’t about the leader, it is about why he is leading. Partisans win with partisans, by showing how partisan they are, and so a radical group of Republicans is having an easy time moving the party to the right. If you live in a conservative state, you have a better chance being shot, though. 

The Chicago police reports on the Laquan McDonald shooting don’t match the video. So, U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch announced today that the U.S. Department of Justice will investigate the Chicago Police Department. All of them.

President Barack Obama, confident that he, and we, are on the right side of history, reaffirms that “Freedom is more powerful than fear”. Will the public see it his way? Obama’s opponents clearly have a different way of seeing it.

Do you feel confused about the roster of allies and enemies that we have in the Middle East, just as the debate moves into how hard we will be hitting whomever we are mad at or scared of? Imagine if you were actually there, aiming a gun, or having a gun aimed at you. David spends the second half of the show peeling the onion, only to reveal many more layers underneath, just to begin the conversation on this complex subject. Who is Bashar al-Assad, and how did he become President of Syria? You have heard of Sunnis and Shiites, but how about the Alawites, the Salafis, and their importance in the region? Find out a lot more on today’s show, and then realize the small percentage that you actually know!

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