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The House Judiciary Committee hearing has been filled to overflowing with pizzazz this morning. It has taken almost 16 flushes so far, and the day’s only half over.

David Waldman provides the drain snake of astute political analysis on today’s KITM:

Russia cheats. There aren’t enough 400 pound hackers in the world to get them out of a 4 year ban from all major sporting events. WADA country!

Greg Dworkin rounds up the punditry as the impeachment process moves to which articles to vote on. Why care if we can vote later? Oh right... voting later is only a solution if we care now. Several tens of millions of voters want Trump removed now.

On the other hand, Republicans are just finding out about this impeachment stuff. You can’t blame them, they’ve been busy bailing out floaters for weeks... ok, years. Whenever Trump has said something too loony, the Greatest Minds on the Right have polished that turd to a mirror-like sheen. “Greatest minds” is of course a relative term, as Stockholm syndrome poster boy Ted Cruz has been moved to the front line, and Rudy Colludy Giuliani is, wow, the go-to guy... Rudy’s in with Donald for the long haul, as the two of them are here for as much as they can haul away. Rudy was in Ukraine swearing in new members of the Colludy gang. Brain trust spokesmodel Matt Gaetz has little question mark thought bubbles popping out of his head because of that.

Meanwhile, somehow we destroyed Afghanistan for 15 years, but never got around to saving it.

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