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Kagro in the Morning - December 9, 2105

Today David Waldman continues to pee on the Trumpster fire, managing to hit a few other targets along the way:

Greg Dworkin rounds up the polls and the reviews the news: Donald Trump’s modest proposal to keep out Muslims is being widely condemned abroad and at home. The anger is bipartisan but it’s only a political inflection point if Republican leaders and candidates refuse to support him. But how did we get here? As calls go out to renounce his candidacy, Trump’s N.H. backers circle the wagons. So, why did he pick this time to attack Muslims? Meanwhile, Trump moves on to new targets. Liberals have been saying he’s a loser for some time now, but has Trump already won? And would he ever admit losing anyhow? By comparison, Hillary Clinton and the Dems continue to smoothly cruise.

No matter what bigotry exists in society, veteran’s cemeteries remain quite inclusive and welcoming.

The guy that made a drone with a firing handgun, makes a drone with a flamethrower, but still personally gets into scuffles with police very similar to open carry nuts.

Joan McCarter takes time from her crazy schedule of tracking crazy politics to stop by:

We all know the government will not be funded by this Friday, as everyone gets in line to slip in policy riders and all kinds of lobbyist wish list items. Dick Durbin promises all hell will break loose over the abortion provision language he spotted in the bill.

Mitch McConnell may seem to go out of his way to be a SOB, but he does put in extra effort for his fellow jerks from time to time.

Self-proclaimed serious guy Marco Rubio goes Dick Cheney by planting misinformation with the help of the AP in the interest of stoking fear and gaining votes.

Racism, bigotry and fear does not seem to be a great branding strategy for Trump Tower. Clever schemer Ted Cruz schemes to ride Donald Trump’s Islamophobia draft.  

A GunFAIL incident happened to Miss Kansas and two grizzly bears, so it can happen to you.

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